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Campaign focusing on positively shifting attitudes and practices of men towards nutrition in Rajasthan.

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IPE Global for Government of Rajasthan

Project Type

Strategy, Campaign, Design System, Video, Assets and Social Media

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Malnutrition and healthcare of pregnant and lactating women is a big issue in rural Rajasthan. Part of the problem is the indifference and unawareness by men when it comes to nutritional and healthy practices.


The deep-rooted patriarchy and unfair gender roles leave women to be solely responsible for taking care of the nutritional needs of not just the children but also have to look after themselves during pregnancy. This paired with no value for their say in any decision making power causes malnutrition and other pregnancy related problems.


Insights were clear. We need to talk to men directly. 
Men need to start taking responsibility.

They don’t know what they are expected to do.

They all love and revere Bahubali.


What is the best quality of a Bahubali? Not his strength or bravery, but it is the responsibility. A man is a bahubali only when he knows and performs his zimmedari or responsibility. Taking this as insight and marrying it with the on-ground love for Bahubali gave us our campaign route. We intended to achieve the following objectives through our digital campaign:

  • Sensitize men towards the role that they need to play.

  • Build awareness in them about maternity care and nutrition.

  • Tackle the obstacles that they might face in availing services.

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In the course of 8 months, we:

  • Built a character called Bahubali based on the imagery from the target region.

  • Turned that into a live-action character and through him, redefined what it means to be a real Bahubali in a pilot video.

  • Created a first of its kind, 4 episode long web series which dealt with the issues of gender roles, nutrition, government schemes and maternity care.

  • Supported it with engaging and informative content on multiple social media platforms. 

  • Used the presence of short format platforms like Moj and MX Takatak which are really popular in the target region to circulate the series. 

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