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Creating games to shift attitudes amongst adolescent girls in rural UP


Breakthrough, India

Project Type

Strategy, Human Centred Design Research, Game Design



Kaboom partnered with Breakthrough in search of a solution to reach out to girls in rural Uttar Pradesh to increase knowledge and shift attitudes positively towards menstruation.


  • Increase knowledge and Shift attitudes 


  • How might we bring a shift in attitudes and behaviours towards MHM in adolescent girls 


  • What can be done to achieve this in a session of 30 mins?


  • How might we decrease absenteeism in school that is caused because of girls menstruating. 


We found the intensity of fear and shame around menstruation was unusually high. Periods were referred to as:

  • dirty blood/impure blood 

  • it is a problem

  • referred as Gandha Khoon, Ghin



The research indicated that any game we designed must focus on shifting the attitudes of these girls from disgust to healthy while keeping in mind all the constraints.


We had to ensure that the game was fun and entertaining to engage the audience. 

We created quick prototypes and conducted simulations to learn what works and what doesn’t - with multiple games.



Breakthrough 1.jpg


A Human-Centred Design report that mapped the knowledge, attitude and behaviours of girls around menstruation

Key insights that would help find solutions to the existing challenges.


One game was designed on very popular street games called ‘pitthu’ and ‘dog in the bone’.


The game design - flags, question cards, answer cards, slogan cards and picture cards.


A Trainer’s manual to conduct the game, a demonstration session to train master trainers.


Final product was produced by the client.

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