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Branding strategy and exercise to reposition and build new visual identity


Reach to Teach


Branding Strategy, Branding Design, Website Design

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Reach to Teach is an international education charity that partners with government and like-minded organisations to improve the quality of primary education in India. 


The team at Reach to Teach was looking at repositioning their brand as the thought leader in the education space. Their ask was a complete brand integration which showcases their overall vision most appropriately. 


While their work is focused at a grassroots level, they were looking at a combination of the past and future or traditional and modern as their brand identity.


The solution to Reach to Teach’s asks was to carry out an extensive Branding Strategy and Design Exercise. 


Kaboom worked methodologically to locate the correct tone of Reach to Teach’s brand; it needed to be modern, cutting edge yet rooted in Indian traditions. This was followed by creating a new visual identity which included a new logo and marketing and communication templates. 


A new set of brand guidelines came next. A website based on the new guidelines was designed and developed in order to fulfill the loop of a holistic identity.  

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Creative elements and collaterals were designed as a part of the branding exercise: 


  • Logo

  • Brand Guidelines Document 

  • Templates ( Brochure, Newsletters, PPT, etc.)

  • Website

  • Offline and Social Media Templates

These collaterals were designed keeping in mind the new persona of the brand. 

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