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Kaboom works at the intersection of storytelling, design and social networking. We listen closely, get our hands dirty and co-create with the people we work with and for. Therefore we always have stories to tell. Kaboom Talks is our quest to share the stories that get left behind, stories that give rise to more stories. An effort to bring together practitioners in the development sector, storytellers, campaigners, activists, and social entrepreneurs.


We are coming up with another interactive workshop on Social media strategy, do NGOs even need one? by Vismaya Naganna, founder and a digital marketing expert at The Orange Heart. She has worked extensively with Kaboom Social Impact to build strategies for campaigns in rural and urban areas on issues like Malnutrition, Gender and Sustainability. 

We look forward to hosting you on 27th July 2023, 5pm to 6pm. Please register for the workshop on the link below.  

To join and stay updated, follow Kaboom on social media. We do bi-monthly workshop and monthly LinkedIn Lives.

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