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Digital App for Gender based Curriculum

Client: Breakthrough

Scope of Work: Curriculum Adaptation, Digital App, UI + UX of the gender based app for adolescents between 11-14 years of age, Instructional Design

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To develop an interactive front user interface to engage with adolescents (11-14 years) by adapting taaron ki toli curriculum.

We conducted a user-research to understand their preferences, knowledge, patterns of using a mobile phone and accessibility.


  • The design should be simple and playful.

  • The app and content should be interactive, interesting and informative for the adolescents to engage with it.

  • The users related to the characters like Pinky, Pankaj and Jhole wale didi, so they should become an active part of the app.

  • Users are intuitive navigators while using the app, they can also identify key icons as well.


The main strategy was to gamify the curriculum and thus emerged the larger idea to create an interactive playground.

The curriculum was hence divided into four major categories
Khelo — Karo — Dekho — Suno

The user led  journey is designed in such a manner that it facilitates the users to introspect, understand gender roles at every stage, take relative action to challenge norms, identify personalities, and eventually gratify them with a reward system.

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A child always looks up to the adults around them. This structured design aims to be an aspiration for kids, one that the child looks up to. The theme follows the design language of the Breakthrough brand and aims to be an extension of the same through this app.

The UI and UX of the app is done considering the preferences of an adolescent and reasons for their engagement to learn and challenge the gender based norms, ask questions and know their rights.

The app is playful and user-led. It consists of 24 activities.