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Covid and Inequality  

Health, Social and Economic Consequences of a Pandemic


Oxfam, India

Project Type

Advocacy, Creative Content Production and Storytelling

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COVID- 19 has definitely paralysed the world. While many refer to the “virus” as breaking class, caste and gender barriers and affecting all, does it really mean equal devastation for all?


Kaboom partnered with Oxfam to encapsulate their Covid-19 policy brief through an animation.


The Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the public health system, education system as well as economy. The economically weaker sections and the marginalised while doing most of the work, continue to lie outside these systems. It has exposed the stark inequalities existing in our society which have been institutionalized over time. 


Oxfam wanted to bring to light these exacerbated social and structural inequalities and present plausible long term solutions that become advocacy tools to various stakeholders including the Fight Inequality Alliance. 


Kaboom was asked to assess the intersectionality of issues and visually depict an effective tool that can be leveraged for advocacy over a period of time.


The three core issues that COVID19 has exacerbated over time were identified as:

Health , Education and  Labour


Kaboom was to create an animation film that:

·   Educates audiences about the lapses in the systems (and policies)

·   Raises awareness about the possible solutions

·   Creates empathy and action towards the possible solutions

 The storytelling, narrative and visual look and feel had to be engaging while imparting important information.


The idea of inequality was at the core of the issue. Playing on the idea of 3s 

Visually, the idea was depicted through the metaphor of a pyramid (top-down structure) – with the ‘have nots’ forming the very large base of the pyramid.

The 3 core issues were represented as visual pillars of the Ashok Stambh.


The film too is divided into 3 key sections based on the issue and each section moves from the plight to solutions playing up the metaphor of ‘from darkness to light’ – visually transitioning from dark to lighter shades to building the sense of hope amongst the audience.

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The result was a 4 min long animation with a narrative that keeps the audience engaged, helps them empathise with the issue. The narrative has a very call to action that encourages one to join the fight.

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