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Digital campaign to promote sustainable choices and reclaim the future


Fairtrade India, European Union and Switch Asia


Communication Strategy, Branding, Campaign Design, Social Media

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Fairtrade movement is a global initiative to promote sustainable consumption and ensure that the producers get fair wages and safe working conditions. As a part of their yearly celebrations of Fairtrade Week, we built an online campaign for Fairtrade India to start a conversation about the future and the role that our choices, as consumers, play in making sure that the future remains bright.


Our objective was to urge the urban audience to recognize the importance of their actions and make an effort to undo the damage that might have been done because of unfair choices. We also aimed to create recognition for the Fairtrade movement and the Fairtrade mark to help consumers make a sustainable choice.


In this campaign, we made a conscious effort to keep the language around sustainability and workers rights jargon-free. Thus appealing to people on a more emotional and personal level to maximize the effect.

We created a set of activities to engage various stakeholders not only to increase awareness but also to inspire behaviour change in a fun and lighthearted manner.

The 2-week long campaign worked to offer a sustainable alternative to people while illustrating the need to adopt them in order to protect the future.

Along with setting the narrative and continuous line of communication, we created a direct way of making people realise the importance of their actions through a thought experiment video.

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A 2-week long robust digital campaign that was multifaceted and dealt with a long list of issues.

A set of activities for the stakeholders which broke down the idea of sustainable consumption into a fun and actionable process.

We created the concept of the thought experiment video which promoted the need for sustainable choices.

AR-based Instagram and Facebook filters created interactive content to put forth the idea of sustainability in a fun way.

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