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Campaign to strengthen community resilience in Covid-19 in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

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The Asia Foundation

Project Type

Gap Analysis, Communication Strategy, Branding, Campaign Design 

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To conduct a gap analysis in 5 districts each of Bihar, UP and Delhi. Then develop and design the campaign on covid communication. From the Gap Analysis it was derived that there is:


  1. Lack of one Unified Message:
    It was found that despite a lot of communication materials, a key problem was the lack of unified messaging. Focus must lie on an umbrella concept.


  2. Lack of women focussed communication: 
    Girls and women are unaware of do’s and don’ts in the context of covid as well as vaccination. There is little information available in the regions.


  3. Misinformation:
    Rampant spread of fake news has led to people being suspicious of messages. 


  4. Trust in Experts:
    Messages need to be imparted by experts as seen in the local context, not national-level experts. People want to see local experts impart messages.


We began with the creation of a unified message that helps in building a recall amongst audiences. A message which would be easily available to them in the places they frequent and get the audience to be the champions of the cause of the Government, European Union & The Asia Foundation.  

Based on the communication strategy, an exhaustive set of creatives were developed for an on-ground campaign and a separate one for an online campaign. 

Unique dissemination plans were created for each, keeping in mind the target audiences and the campaign touchpoints. All elements were accessed from a gender lens to ensure specific collaterals and plans were in place to reach the women. 

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The Design consisted of posters, leaflets, wall writings, van banners, stickers and social media collaterals such as static posts, videos and gifs, profile pictures, banners and reels.

The entire communication campaign followed the creative route - “Bas3”, all the messages were based on this.

A dissemination strategy was created for the entire campaign to support the grassroots organisations working in the intervention areas.

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