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Creation of a Rapid Response Product to Reach Kids Globally


Welthungerhilfe, Germany

Project Type

Communication Design, Video, Assets and Media



As a response to the global pandemic, Kaboom Social Impact was approached to support Welthungerhilfe and Wash United in finding solutions to reach children across the world with clear messages around ‘How kids can help beat the Virus’. 


The Novel Coronavirus knows no borders and affects all people irrespective of age, colour, caste, and creed. The ask was to create a platform for kids that incorporates storytelling and is flexible to be extended to multiple media. A platform that incorporates positive behaviours to be promoted as a response to the pandemic, i.e. 1.) Stay at home, 2) Maintain social distance 3) Hand Washing 4) Help protect people around them.


Since the need was urgent, the response had to be immediate and we had to deliver tangible results in one month while working remotely.


We created a world with four children from different continents who have been pushed to throngs of boredom; stuck at home with no contact with their friends. Keeping the insights in mind, the characters were designed to resonate with children across the world. The product was built to transform the experiences lived in the stories told. It would reflect on children around the world and provide validation to their current experience in the pandemic.


The result was the #coronacomic, an 8-page comic with concrete images, playful content and positive messaging that is readily available for adoption and dissemination by organizations and governments across the globe. 


The corona comic was also transformed into an animation film that echoed the shores of social media to further fortify the messaging.



With the efforts of Welthungerhilfe and WASH United, in just a month, over 7 Governments have already adopted the comic and animation for widespread dissemination in the countries. These include Kenya, Liberia, Central African Republic, North Sudan, South Sudan, Cambodia and Nepal. 


Kaboom has been working closely with WHH and WU to create language versions. The comic is already available in 20 global languages with more language versions being created as we speak. Apart from this UNICEF Venezuela has requested a Spanish version with adaptation of characters. 


As a social impact agency Kaboom’s focus remained in adapting key insights into problem statements in order to arrive at messaging that is focussed on the ‘user’, which in this case is kids across the world. The next step was to translate the messages into products that resonate with the audience. The product is still being adapted for various regions and we anticipate further uptakes from governments across the globe. 

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