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Breaking the silence, raise awareness and change negative social norms: World’s Largest Campaign on Menstrual Hygiene Management


WASH United, Germany

Project Type

Strategy, Campaign, Design System, Video, Assets and Media

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Menstrual Hygiene Day approached Kaboom to create an engaging campaign that  empowers women and girls to confidently voice their opinion about Menstruation. In turn, these women would be able to spread awareness amongst families and communities to support them during Menstruation.


  • Create awareness about the importance of MHM in general focusing on Women’s Experiences

  • Imparting knowledge about Women empowerment under the theme

  • Shaping attitudes through good MHM practices

  • Stimulate the want or desire to stand up for their beliefs


With the dearth of resources and lack of support systems, it was imperative to create messaging to shift the ignorant and negative discoveries to positive attitudes and beliefs. Here are some specific ideas that we wanted to centre our messaging towards:


The voice of the campaign was positive, warm, entertaining and inspirational solution-oriented messaging as opposed to tear-jerking, instructional and forced content. Content strategy was based on Google’s 3H Model.


GIFs, animated short videos, illustrative posts with heart-warming stories and millennial centric formats like ‘Being Woke’ were created to stimulate our audience towards these attitude shifts.  To amplify these messages and reinforce them, we partnered with TTT, Under 25, Arre, Being Indian, who leveraged our content to create more content. 

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13 million people

The social media campaign reached over 13 million people in India.

54 million impressions

54 million recorded impressions in India.

5,380 conversations

Hashtag #NoMoreLimits trended for a good 6.30hrs on Twitter in India and generated 5,380 conversations on MH Day owing to widespread adoption of the hashtag by popular media, organizations working in the MHM sector, influential voices of creators & celebrities, as well as our audience.

75+ personal stories

Over 75 'personal stories' in the form of articles were shared by girls,women and some men proving that silence about menstruation can be broken.

19  Million Views

Music video featuring DeeMC got 1.90 million views, 1,500 shares and over 350 comments on Facebook within 4 days around MH Day.

34,000 people

The call to action of the campaign was to make 'education about menstrual hygiene compulsory in schools'. We are happy to share that our hosted petition has already been signed by over 34,000 people and continues to grow.

The result of the campaign shows the power of positive communication along with amplification through partnerships. With limited in resources, the campaign leveraged the strength and reach of new age content publishers and organisations working on menstrual hygiene management to reach a large audience.

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