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Inform the development of model for implementation of MHM programmes in India



Project Type

Research, Documentation and Creative Content Production



Menstrual Hygiene Management is a small part of several government-run programs. This has often kept MHM from being prioritised.


The purpose of this assignment was to conduct a large scale study in 6 states to investigate the need and ways to integrate and institutionalise MHM programming at state levels. 


In the first phase of the project, Kaboom was to study where MHM programming sits within the existing government structures in India and highlight good practices that can be replicated. 

The second phase was to provide inputs for mainstreaming MHM programming and inform the development of a model for implementation in the 6 states in India. 




Kaboom created the first of its kind robust document on state-level implementation of Menstrual Hygiene Management in 6 states of India. 


This comprehensive evidence carried successes, challenges, roadblocks and barriers highlighting innovations within each state. Clear links were established between existing programs with possible indicators to examine MHM.  


Finally, the report provides a roadmap for mainstreaming MHM programming at the state level providing a possible model of implementation to fit each state.  


The document is available in a well-designed form with rich with infographics and photographs to ensure an uptake at state levels. 





Phase 1 of the project focussed on policy level interventions and was meant for governments, foundations, policymakers and research purposes. 


Phase 2 was about interpreting the findings of the report for a larger audience - how does institutionalising MHM impact adolescents, teachers, trainers, FLWs and how best can they make use of the information available and cross learn from each other. 


A set of collaterals were developed in order to take this information to a wider audience which included:


Videos including human interest stories to highlight champions on the ground

Photo Stories of innovations and successes from the ground

Social Media Campaign


The entire design of Phase 1 and 2 was visualised comprehensively to ensure they complement each other and together work as pieces of a whole puzzle.

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